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Most of us use a reputed word processor application for doing our day-to-day writing jobs. Often, in our writing assignments we require the word count function. Most word processors have this as an inbuilt tool. This word and character count tool counts words, characters, spaces, lines, paragraphs etc. But if you don�t have a word processor readily available, you may have to resort to some tools online. In such case, consider trying the Free Online Word Counter . This amazingly simple and neat yet useful tool can do more than the inbuilt word count tool found in word processors. This can also be used to perform the word density count function � something which the freelancers, especially those working with SEO type works, would love to have. This Free Online Word Counter as found at http://www.wordcounttool.in has a very simple use. Just type or put the text in the given textbox and everything is done automatically. You shall have the text�s characters, words, each word�s repetition and word density count � all done at a go. There is no setting, no pressing of buttons, no tweaking � nothing. The simplicity in its looks and use is all that makes this tool great to use. If you are a writer, you may want to give it a try.